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You don’t have to live with blurry vision or other vision problems. Scheduling routine eye exams can help your eye doctor customize a vision prescription that helps you see better and lowers your risk of serious eye problems. At Cirino Eye Center in Brunswick, Ohio, Anthony Cirino, DO, offers full-service comprehensive eye exams and follow-up appointments to ensure the best vision outcome for you and your entire family. Schedule your next eye exam by phone or online today.

Eye Exam Q & A

What are eye exams?

Routine eye exams at Cirino Eye Center can help Dr. Cirino detect vision problems that negatively affect the way you see objects at near or far distances. 

He can diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism after an eye exam to perfect your vision prescription and help you or your child see clearly.

What happens during eye exams?

When you arrive at your eye exam at Cirino Eye Center, the friendly staff greets you. Dr. Cirino may complete the following:

Medical history review

Dr. Cirino asks about your general health, including your family medical history, medications you might take, and the type of corrective lenses or glasses you may wear during a medical history review.

Visual acuity tests

During a visual acuity exam, Dr. Cirino asks you to read letters on an eye chart, one eye at a time, to determine how effective your vision is at various distances. 

Refraction testing

Refraction testing measures how light waves bend when they pass through your lens and cornea. This type of test helps Dr. Cirino determine if you need glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery to correct your vision. During the exam, you look through different lenses on a mask-like device. 

Visual field tests

Field testing evaluates how well you can see on each side without moving your eyes, also known as your peripheral vision.

Eye muscle tests

Eye muscle tests help Dr. Cirino evaluate eye muscle movement, muscle weakness, and eye muscle coordination and control. During the test, he evaluates your eyes while you watch a moving object.

Color vision tests

During a color vision test, Dr. Cirino can screen you for color deficiencies. He might have you look at numerous multicolored dot patterns during your eye exam.

Medical eye examinations

In addition to vision tests, Dr. Cirino might screen you for signs of eye disease, such as glaucoma, diabetic eye problems, macular degeneration, cataracts, and many other eye diseases that can cause problems when left untreated. 

What happens after my eye exam?

After an eye exam, Dr. Cirino can develop a vision prescription to help you see better using contact lenses, glasses, or corrective laser eye surgery. If you already wear contacts or glasses, he can make prescription changes as needed.

Dr. Cirino lets you know if further diagnostic testing is necessary and when to schedule your next routine eye exam or a medical eye exam.

Don’t live with poor vision that might contribute to headaches, eye strain, or vision problems at work or school. Schedule your next eye exam at Cirino Eye Center by phone or online today.